Anorak's Design Mission

It's time to dust off your crayolas and sharpen those HBs because the lovely people over at Anorak magazine have a mission, a design mission. 

They're giving students and recent grads the chance to join their crazy colourful world and showcase their own talent, by designing a cover for their Winter issue.

Unfortunately we're all a little too over-the-hill to enter, but you can find out more about the competition on Anorak's blog here. A very nice project for a damn fine magazine!


  1. Cool competition from a cool mag. I know lots of adults that enjoy Anorak more than their kids.

  2. Nothing to do with your anorak post, but have you seen this from today's Brand Republic?

    I think they would benefit from one of your 'b*llshit-free zone' stickers in the future.

  3. Blimey. 'Thanks' for the link : )
    I don't think we printed enough Bullshit Free Zone posters to offset that.


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