Union Made

Look for the Union label is an interesting collection of North American Union logos and emblems.

"The use of emblems to denote workers in a particular craft predates the advent of the modern union label by many centuries. Craft guilds, which had become widespread as a form of organization by the 1400s, often decorated their halls and seals with a visual symbol of either the tools or the product of their art – or both. The carpenters’ dividers or compasses that once graced the coat of arms of a craft guild now served as the mark of a labor union"

There's some real tasty logo work in there. We love the purity of the black & white logo forms. Being a bit old school we always believe the true test of a logo is in black & white, obviously with todays Interweb colour isn't always an issue but how well it works without colour is still a good measure of it's quality.

There's a few other nice bits and pieces of Union ephemera and advertising too.

spotted via ManyStuff

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