Knock-Off Newsflash

As part of our continuing Knock-Off Nigel campaign, we've produced this piece of interactive tomfoolery. It's a customisable news report, in the style of a full-on US news piece, that you can put your mate's (or your) name and picture into and send to whomever you so choose. Hosted on the Nuts website, you can enjoy it in action here.

Thanks to the lovely people at Gas & Electric for their production wizardry, Naked Penguin Boy for their technical know-how and ahem, stamina, IPC for their helpfulnessness, and not forgetting of course Phil. Good old Phil. Cheers!


  1. Funny! Those newsreaders are almost as annoying as the real thing - nice work.

  2. Just thought I'd say that this is really great work guys!

    A superb idea and perfect for the Nuts audience. Very funny.

    I've sent it to all my mates and colleagues in the studio.


  3. Funny stuff. Neat work.

  4. Many thanks, all.
    I don't like to discourage critical comment of any work we post up (even more so if it's intelligent critique), even though obviously I'll defend it.
    But we're not too proud to say we appreciate a compliment now and again, too. We're only 'uman after all.

  5. Well made but not a good thing to stereotype all pirates, but I know thats not your fault.

    You pulled off this idea better than the American election one that is for sure.

  6. How do you ensure that the users of this service owns the copyright on the photo they're uploading?

    If I were to upload one of, say, David Bailey's photographs of a celebrity - you'd then be distributing someone else's copyright.

    Ironic, huh?

  7. Hello Terence, many thanks for your comment.

    In actual fact, when someone uploads a picture to the film, there is a box that needs to be checked to confirm that they have the rights to use that picture. It's the same convention as say, uploading a picture to facebook.

    It's not a perfect system, but as we all know, the nature of the internet means that there always has to be an element of user-honesty and responsibility.

    So you could upload a photograph by David Bailey, and check the box to say that you had the rights to use it, even if you didn't.

    But you'd be being dishonest, and infringing copyright.
    Which is one of the reasons why the campaign has had to be created in the first place.

    Ironic, huh?

  8. I'm sorry - I was looking at your website - that doesn't ask me to check the copyright of the images I upload.

  9. Ah, that particular piece was made quite a while ago, before it was really a convention to add that kind of check. It's interesting as an example, Terence, because what's great about the internet is that it gives people lots of unchecked opportunities and avenues to distribute and share information or other stuff.

    But the other side of that coin is it surely that puts the weight of responsibility on to the individual to not misuse other people's intellectual property in a way that potentially deprives them of earnings from their work.


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