Richard Hammond's Hair

Sell! Sell!, as London's Hairiest Ad Agency™ takes a keen interest in hair. So we were excited to note that Richard Hammond's hair is starring in the latest TV commercial for supermarket Morrisons...

However, we are starting to get a bit worried that poor old Richard is starting to get upstaged by his barnet, which clearly has a better agent than he does. Rather than resort to another attention-seeking high speed crash, it seems to us that the clear way forward is a simple haircut, something that it appears Mr Hammond has resisted thus far.

But as is the Sell! Sell! way, rather than merely carp on from the sidelines, we're trying to do something about it. We've created an action group: People Willing To Chip-In For A Haircut For Richard Hammond. The thinking is simple: the more people that join, the less we each have to pay towards the haircut, even if we send him to somewhere really fancy and celebrity, like Upper Kutz in Guildford.

You can join the group here. You can also make a suggestion for Richard's new look.


  1. He definitely needs to do something with it - he's way to little to have that much hair.

  2. I sooo beg to differ, I think his rugged hair fits him perfectly!


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