Straight 8 sneaky peek

Over at Sell! Towers we're all just a little bit excited. This morning we caught our first glimpse of this year's straight 8 entries, and our very own entry, in this montage preview featuring half a second clips of each and every 2010 film entry.
In case you're not familiar with Straight 8 it's a short film competition, all entries are shot on a single cartridge of super 8 film, without post production. Gulp.

Blink and you could miss our clip, but nonetheless it's in there, nestled somewhere between 30 and 40". It involves pies. Lots of pies. We shall say no more.

For old times sake you can watch our 2009 entry here and find out a bit more about our current entry here.
Films will be processed and released in full over the next couple of months. We await to see them with baited breath...

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