Fish And Chip Shop in-store cross-sell opportunity.

Random but glorious.  Love the way they are trying to flog 8 [mini] vegetarian spring rolls in a badly cut out fluorescent starburst that's been badly glued to a rather ugly silver/brown plastic fish on the middle of a wall.  Didn't trouble the amount of fried alternatives that were being consumed as far as I could see.


  1. But they are not 'vegetarian spring rolls'. They are vegetable spring roll. There is a difference.

  2. Good spot, Mr Anonymous. You're quite right. Our mistake.

    You're not from the said fish and chip shop by any chance are you?

  3. This has gone viral, so I'll wager they've sold out of vegetable spring rolls by now. I applaud the creative genius behind this marketing strategy, but I do wonder about ROI...


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