Donald MacLeod

St Ives artist Donald MacLeod creates beautiful maritime paintings of historic naval battle scenes and Cornish harbour settings. These small jpegs really don't do justice to the intricate detail and atmospheric colours of the large scale impressions though. I'd recommend popping into St Ives and taking a nosy around his studio if you're down Cornwall direction.


  1. Jesus, we go St. Ives all the time and these are the LAST things I'd expect to find here. I've actually never liked them. But then, seen out of context (i.e not in a mad gilt frame, hung up next to a bucket and spade shop) does help. A lot. They remind me a lot of matte paintings.

  2. Fantastic work, I agree they are best seen for real, you can see how much detail there is in these. Best Maritime art i have seen, and I have seen a lot!


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