US Midterm Advertising

The Guardian has a good piece on the advertising of the US midterms:  US Midterm Election: Top Ten Worst Political Ads. It's well worth a look, there are some crackers (and crackpots) in there. I actually like political advertising a lot, because often they represent advertising at its most stripped down, which is often advertising at its best. That's not necessarily the case here though. One of my favourites out of the Guardian's list is this, from Dale Peterson...


  1. trust me dude, it's only funny from afar. america is becoming IDIOCRACY.

  2. What unsettles me most about that is the way the camera focused on the gun a bit toooo long.

    'Hai, I'm a republican, I got me a gun. Vote y'all!'

    Stereotypical? Looks kind of true to me....

  3. I would vote for that guy.

    And I think it's a good ad.

    I'm not kidding. It's genuinely a good message, well presented and directed right at the audience.

    As for the gun, it's a .30-30 lever action rifle. Perfectly legitimate farmer's gun.

    Mark Hill

  4. Please, please put a few more up, they are all cracking ads.

    I love the one called Chinese Professor.

    The ads really understand peoples fear.


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