Is This The Darkest Commercial On TV?

And I don't mean dark in an arty, movie-type way. I just mean very, very dark. Especially for me the lady who has been cast in this ad, I mean she's attempting to look friendly and inviting, but she looks like she is trying to hold back from morphing back into the devil at any moment. And that's without even getting into the whys and wherefores of the excellent typical 2356% APR.

On a sightly related, but lighter note, you know that fat bloke who says "Wonga" in that ad for Envirfone? Waddayamean no? Anyway it seems like he has become some sort of YouTube celebrity. Here is one of our favourites versions, Fiddy Wonga...


  1. You crack me up. She does look like she might be a shape shifter doesn't she, quick call David Icke we got one!
    I did get a flyer handed to me on the way to work last week from Quid Quik. The flyer emphasises the APR of 2356% too. It appears they are really going for it around Christmas, weird.

  2. No wonder she's in financial trouble. She's got her TV license down as £120. So she's £25.50 short already.


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