Bernie Ecclestone Hublot Ad

I thought the glory days of the tactical print ad had long gone. Not so for billionaire Mr Bernie Ecclestone. After a particularly vicious mugging last month Bernie had his Hublot watch nicked. He saw an opportunity to help Hublot capitalise on this unfortunate incident and this ad that ran in the International Herald Tribune and Financial Times is the end result.
Sure, it could have been executed a whole lot better [Witness the irrelevant typography of "The Art Of Fusion" line that separates Bernie's battered face from the luxury watch] but it's done the job of attracting a decent slug of press coverage for the brand.
By the way, how funny is the inclusion of the line "Hublot condemns all forms of violence and racism"? Hublot obviously don't condemn violence enough to dismiss it as a platform for advertising and generating PR. And I also seriously doubt whether Mr Ecclestone was the victim of a racist attack. The fact that he's worth about two billion quid and was swanning around Knightsbridge with a fancy watch on his wrist probably had more to do with it.

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  1. Anything for a quick buck! The guy it him must have been on his knees unless Bernie had borrowed Tom Cruise's box!


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