.wwf the file that can't be printed

Your pdfs will never be the same again.

The WWF have released a new file format that forcibly prohibits you from printing out the document. Basically, it's a pdf that can't be printed and it's got a .wwf extension. It's a great idea and a neat little device. A shame it's only available on Macs at present but we're sure that will soon change.

You can download the converter and save a few trees here.

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  1. It's a clever marketing idea.

    But the real problem with PDFs is that people format them like paper documents, with all sorts of graphics and columns and whatnot. Which makes them almost impossible to read on a screen without loads of annoying dragging and re-sizing.

    If people would format their PDFs for a screen, fewer people would print them.

    PS: How about a special PDF for "the file that can't be read." Be perfect for all those awful white papers and case studies floating around the corporate world.


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