Material Theft

Seems us advertising types aren't the only ones who get a little sensitive when material gets ripped off.  The nicking of jokes without proper credit is an even bigger sin apparently.
If you've not caught wind of Cheggers-gate, here's a very eloquent and entertaining perspective from Ed Byrne about the whole thing.  You can read it here
If you can't be arsed, it's at least worth watching Stewart Lee hammer Joe Pasquale on the same subject.  This was also featured on Ed's blog piece.  Thanks, Ed.  Credit where credit's due and all that.

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  1. I guess some followers of Ed Byrne would say the whole thing is ironic, it's not by the way. That is a comedy anorak's joke. Well nearly.

    I love that clip of Stewart Lee.

    The lines get blurred in comedy just line advertising too. For example what is stock and what is not. Stock heckle put-downs are shared for example. Set pieces are not. However, set pieces can appear similar (same subject matter)so appear stolen and so the fights start, i.e. that joke is a bit like my joke. The problem can sometimes be solved by agreeing both jokes are shit.

    Other times stand-ups refuse to go on the same bill together. Other times it gets punchy but more likely someone get sulky. I have even heard of comics sorting it out financially.

    One of the longest raging arguments was between the fans of Bill Hicks and Denis Leary, whose material shared common themes and at times did seem identical. Not forgetting that Sam Kinison years before accused Bill Hick of stealing his 'style'...where will it end?

    The funniest thing I heard re the Hicks and Leary debacle was a story from Sean Hughes. When Hicks stayed in London with Hughes, Hughes asked Hicks why he quit smoking and Hicks said "to see if Dennis would copy me."

    Finally Mister Lee is not a fan of awards another topic shared with the world of advertising. Which funnily enough won him an award and that is ironic.


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