Wouldn't You Rather Be Doing Something?

Are you single. Are you interesting? Have you ever felt that trying to meet someone has become more a chore than a pleasure? Or that meeting people for a blind date or from a dating site is a bit like being interviewed hard for job that you don't even know if you want? Or that normal dating sites aren't for people like you, but for boring people with hair by Angie and clothes made out of beige?

Well that was the thinking that led our good mate and Sell! Sell! co-conspirator Matt Janes to set up a new site called Doing Something. The idea is to put the fun back into meeting people. It helps you meet interesting people (like you), and find and choose fun things to do together. The idea being that doing something is fun, takes the pressure off the situation, and makes it easy to be yourselves. Rather than sitting in a pub examining each other's family history or personality defects.

It's a fun idea, and we like it because it's based on real human truths. Have a look around the site here. Also, because Matt is a friend of the Sell!, and because he wants lots of interesting people to join up (as a reader of the Sell! Blog that means you, obviously) he is offering our readers three months free membership. Just enter the code biscuits when you sign up.

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  1. That's brilliant. Merging LivingSocial with a dating website. Love the design too.


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