Alaska Airlines Compilation

Here at Sell! Sell! we're big fans of long running advertising campaigns that manage to stay fresh over time.  As we've said many a time before, it's simultaneously mind-boggling and depressing how often agencies and clients get bored with an idea long before the public ever do.

I think the original Alaska Airlines stuff came out in the early '80's and I think the great Joe Sedelmaier was involved in the early days.  Here's just a tip of the iceberg selection of ads from yesteryear and yesterdecade that prove the point that as long as you've got something interesting and differentiating to say about the product you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you come to write a new ad.

At the heart of it all is a brutally simple proposition of a low fares airlines focused on great customer service.  And all done in a charming, irreverent and entertaining way.

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  1. love them!
    this one for another airline looks like a distant cousin of this series:


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