Fashion Is Power - Stylist Covers

This weeks special edition Stylist covers are great. We love strong editorial design and cover design, but it seems that the art of the magazine cover generally has fallen victim to commercial pressures and a by-the-numbers approach. You still see good work on niche publications, but it's fantastic to see a magazine as mass as Stylist doing these really strong, graphic covers. Stylist have always had very strong design and photography, I wonder if it's partly because they don't have the pressure of selling off the shelf that paid-for magazines have? Hats-off to them regardless. Shot by Jonty Davies and styled by Alexandra Fullerton, the model is (obviously) Alek Wek, the photography director was Tom Gormer. Images via Coverjunkie.


  1. Is there a sister publication called 'Nutritionist'? If so please buy the model a subscription.

  2. I like this project on this topic.

    reveals all the banality.


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