It's Halftime

I actively avoided all the online, ad-blog hoopla surrounding the annual Super Bowl ad love-in this year. But this commercial is worth thinking about a bit isn't it? We liked last years effort from Chrysler, and this really is picking up where that left off (whilst ramping it up somewhat).

I guess the thinking is to make Chrysler an analogy for the fall and (hopeful) subsequent rise in the fortunes of the good ole you ess of A. In doing so attempts to give people a emotional reasons to buy a Chrysler product; "We're like you, we're fighting for survival, we're part of America etc." At least as a brand, it is honest about the fact that they let themselves slide, which allows you to believe them a bit more when they say that they're turning it around.

Emotional reasons were never really their real problem though, were they? The real issue was that they were simply left behind by the build quality, design and value offered by overseas competitors. That problem isn't addressed in (this) advertising.

But sometimes advertising doesn't have to provide all of the answers. Maybe the best use of TV advertising for Chrysler is exactly this - to create an emotional reason for people to not choose the import. We know that a combination of emotional and rational reasons affect people's decision-making. And a car is a high-value purchase, where emotion is always going to play a large part. Can the product back it up though?

Executionally it's strong, as you'd expect. For the bashful tastes on this side of the Atlantic it may stray very close to the over-bombastic. But this is an American ad for American people, during half time of the Super Bowl. So I don't think we can let that worry us too much.

NB: It's important when writing an American epic commercial to include firefighters.


  1. Superbowl is extremely patriotic event.
    this is extremely patriotic ad.
    no need for anything else but emotions (and they even showed product!)

    smart cross-section.
    link is perfect.
    execution also.

    love it.

  2. Good advertising. Bad product?

  3. By GM you mean Chrysler I assume. They're not the same. One makes crappier cars. And the other makes better ads.

  4. Thanks anon, you're quite right. In the process of writing it, my befuddled brain seems to have substituted GM for Chrysler. Corrected it now. Ta for taking the time to point it out.

  5. You're welcome. Love you guys.


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