Start Strong For Upper Crust

If you’re feeling a little peckish, apologies for what’s about to follow. Our new campaign to promote Upper Crust’s fine breakfast fayre launched last week in around London. From an advertising point of view it's an unusual project because, let's face it, a bacon sarnie sells itself, doesn't it?

The problem for bacon-based food sellers is that most of us are generally trying to be healthy in the morning. But the truth (and the basis for this campaign) is, nothing really sets you up for the day like a proper, hot meaty breakfast. You feel like you can take on the day better with a belly full of bacon sarnie, rather than a sad little pot of cold, damp muesli.

We put the product front and centre with really great shots of the food - we brought in Gareth Morgans, a true master in the art of food photography, to temp the eyes. I believe the saying is something like “The first bite is with the eyes”? In this case my eyes ate the whole thing and have gone back for seconds.

The campaign consists of morning newspaper strips, six-sheet posters, and radio commercials running in the morning - starring the always fantastic Mr Peter Serafinowicz.

Newspaper ads...

Six sheet posters...

Radio commercials...


  1. I've been a fan of sellSell for a while now, however something about this ad bothers me...... its small and its nit picking........ but why is that food on the floor..that cant be hygenic. I think it brings a bit of teather cat principle with it as well (

    Still, what do I know, good copy and good pictures though!

  2. Hah.
    It's a table.
    Thanks though.

  3. A great concept! The kick in the granolas one in paticular stands out for me. This is the kinda work I want to do :)

    Little surprised not to see one about the dreaded Monday though. Be interested to hear if there was a reason for that? I can only think that maybe it's because Monday might not be a big seller with ppl rushing to work, not used to the early mornings after the weekend...?

  4. Good spot Mr OfAllTrades, it was a source of great debate here.

  5. No warnings? May contain nuts, wheat, flour or pork products?

    Nice work I say.

  6. A really well executed campaign guys - bold and ballsy, I love it. Those baguettes look damn tasty too and I don't even eat meat!

  7. I'm going to have one on Tuesday, its decided!

  8. Put me down for one on Friday then.


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