A Bit Of Slurp And Tickle

Today sees the launch of Fentimans' first ever television commercial in their 109-year history. We've been working with the lovely people from Hexham for the past seven years, helping them to grow into a punchy challenger in the soft drinks category.

We're as pleased as (non-alcoholic) punch with how the ad has come out, and that's down to the hard work of a lot of talented people. Superb casting and direction from the inimitable Lady Fern Berresford, with typically superb production design from Mr Mark Denton Esq. (both at Coy! at Short Films). Chris Sabogal, the DOP made it look amazing, and James Rosen at Speade is responsible for the edit. The fantastic music is by Simon Bass at Pure Soho, and the post is by Rushes, including the wonderful grade, inspired by Fern's collection of hand-tinted Victorian and Edwardian photographs, by colourist Simona Harrison.

When we set out to make advertising for our clients, it's important to us make work that puts the product, and the reason why someone might consider that that product, at its heart – rather than your typical brand or attitude advertising. In all of our work for Fentimans, we put their great drinks at the heart of the communication. It isn't just about communicating an attitude, or personality. To us, it's important to do something that is highly distinctive in the category, memorable and hard to ignore. But at the same time, sadly it's become fashionable in advertising for people to ignore the things that are important to punters. In soft drinks, that's still taste and refreshment – this ad promises both in spades, all done with a typical Fentimans irreverence.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen, and to Fentimans themselves for continuing to be brave and irreverent, and for trusting us with their 109-year-old family business.


  1. Lovely. A planner friend of mine said she liked the "adult soft drink" territory. "Distinctive and ownable" was how she put it. Personally i prefer the previous Python-esque "thwack" work. We agreed that the new spot is strategically stronger and the old work creatively superior, but they are just two opinions. Whatever the merits of old and new, i know that my memory self will be recalling the image of a Victorian madame flogging a bottle of Dandelion & Burdock next time my experience self tries to buy a refreshing drink.

  2. The bursting bottle at the end is a nice (adult) touch there.

  3. Have you thought of doing more with the ThouTube channel? YouTube is a natural place for challenger brands keen to communicate product benefits with a irreverent attitude to make an impact:

    Dollar Shave Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI
    Poo Pourri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKLnhuzh9uY

  4. Great stuff! Key piece of advice: people who do well on YouTube concentrate on making and promoting great video rather than cocking about with 'innovative' functionality like this:


  5. Thanks Delicious, thanks Bentos.


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