Gordon Willis

This weekend marked the sad passing of two master craftsmen.

Tributes to the brilliant David Abbott's legacy and influence on British advertising have been putting into sharp focus just what a truly gifted writer he was. The intelligence and charm of his work seems to be in painfully short supply these days but he made a lasting impact on a few generations of creative folk who still carry the torch. If you want a reminder and quick fix of just how good he was, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better than Ben Kay's latest post.

Gordon Willis also passed away. Probably not as widely known in advertising circles but equally influential and just as legendary, Gordon was a pioneering cinematographer whose eagle eye lit up masterpieces such as The Godfather, Manhattan, Annie Hall, All The President's Men - to namecheck but a fraction of his epic oeuvre.

If you've got a spare half hour to invest, I'd suggest watching this interview with him for a fascinating first hand take on his contribution to cinema.

If you've only got ninety seconds, I'd suggest watching his wise words on keeping things simple.

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  1. hi! cause I am pretty bad at english, can somebody please write what Gordon said about the difference.
    subtitles make no sense.
    thank you!


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