Mint Work

Conventional wisdom tells us that it's not a very good idea to try to feature two products in an ad and do justice to both.

This great new ad from Trebor shows how it's possible to do just that.

There's lots to enjoy in this commercial. From the styling and wardrobe to the little cutaways, to the timidity of the "confession", to the twist at the end, it's clear that a lot of care has gone into the craft of this commercial.

Good to see a classic brand like Trebor back on telly. And good to see an that is unashamedly about the product from start to finish.

No higher "do-good" brand purpose. No manifesto. No cuddly animals. No 'join the conversation'. No hashtag bollocks nonsense.

Just one very entertaining thirty second commercial squarely aimed at getting people to buy some mints.

Well done W&K.

Edit: This is still probably a better ad for Softmints though... (thanks @alldaycreative for the reminder)

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  1. Indeed very refreshing to see such mint commercials. (Silly puns intended.)


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