We Are In The Age Of Phonies

Classic Bill Bernbach quote...

“Today, everybody is talking ‘Creativity,’ and frankly, that’s got me worried. I fear lest we keep the good taste and lose the sell. I fear all the sins we may commit in the name of ‘Creativity.’ I fear that we may be entering an age of phonies.


  1. Entering? Like Hell. Some of the quotes I see from the people "leading" the industry are such bollocks they make me want to taze kittens. The jargon-swilling, fashionista, spendaholic, uncreative full-on criminal bullshit that these people "do" is the definition of phony. It's soul-crushingly sad to work in this business and feel like no one makes any sense at all. I'm confused daily. I know how to sell. And clients get mad when I do? WTF?


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