The grown ups here at Sell Corp have been stupid enough to ask me to write a blog post today. So, to ensure this burden of responsibility is never handed to me again, and I can return to my former life of trying to write ads and filling my face with salty snacks, here's a Buzzfeed-style list of LOL teehee wowz!

Let's get this party "poppin'" with the latest Run The Jewels Video(!!!!). Brilliantly cast and shot, with a nice little ending. The lip-syncing ran a little short for my taste, but what do I know (except everything).

Next up is the Stylo G x Jacob Plant video. No idea what's happening in this video, neither do I care. Weirdness at its finest.

Jonah Hill acts superbly bad in this little spot for Palace and Reebok's latest crime against footwear.

Phil Zwijsen pulls out some slip 'n' slide face-melters in this latest Element edit. (What you see next will AMAZE YOU!)

The steaming pile of toxic waste also known as Ann Coulter "getz owned" at the Rob Lowe roast.

I'm sure we've all seen this a million times, but I think it should be mandatory to watch it every day. Classic Python.

That's all from me. Hopefully, having lowered the tone of the blog quite dramatically, I'll be banned from talking to you. Wish me luck.


  1. Lee, what a pleasure to see inside the socially acceptable, compliance-approved portion of your mind. One good turn deserves another...


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