Sell!Feed 2


Sell! Sell!’s idiot in residence here again. My previous attempt to be expelled from this blog has backfired. Not only have I been asked to do this every week, but I keep getting told that I'm the prettiest princess in all the land.

So, you can look forward to this brain-numbing nonsense every week from here on in. (I can’t apologise enough.)

Sell!Feed round 2. Let’s boogie.

Christian Vieler takes some pretty good snaps of dogs the moment before they catch their treats. Wonder how long it'll before we see these with a Pedigree logo bottom right?




Provide those peepers with some visual tasties at Njideka Akunyili Crosby: Portals. It's showing at Victoria Miro until the 5th of November. 

South Park get stuck into the bedlam that's currently occurring over in that there America.

Get yourself some free learning over at Open Culture.   

An informative and expansive interview with Eric Timothy Carlson about his new design for Bon Iver's new 22 album.

Finally, and most importantly, a video of a woman backflipping face first into a pile of poo. Thank you internet. 


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