Breaking Work: fish4 Print Campaign

Our new campaign for the lovely people at fish4 break this week, a series of newspaper ads with illustrations by the smashingly talented Andy Smith.

fish4's brief when they came to us was pretty simple, and not unusual: "Help us make our advertising work harder". fish4 had been kind of hiding their light under a bushel, so our idea was to focus hard on the the most important thing that people who are looking for cars, homes or jobs want - the most options to choose from to give them a better chance of finding what they want. fish4 have that in spades, so why not be up front about it?

And of course, it was important to do it in a way that was charming and interesting enough to demand the attention of the reader in the crowded world of newspapers (see The Bus Test).

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Or see even more on our website.


  1. Nice work guys, really like the illustrations and art direction. For me they have it all - large type, lots of red and orange (one of my favourite colour combos), fun illustrations and big arrows - what's not to like.

  2. Big, bold, fun ads. I like 'em.

  3. Totally ordinary. You're starting to believe your own publicity.

  4. Thank you most kindly, anonymous person.

  5. Congratulations. You've illustrated the brief.

  6. Ha, at least that's funny second anonymous person.

    Even though that wasn't actually the brief, I'll happily acknowledge that I do think sometimes it's better to get out of the way of compelling information, and just make sure that the message gets across. So thanks.

    It's not all about showing how clever you are, this ad game.


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